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I can't see anything in my "To-do, Manage Sales, Analytic, My gigs, Revenue pages

Hi guys, Hi,

i’m new to fiverr forum. when i go to my ‘‘to do’’ page, i cant see anything. only showing " Sales, Profile and Purchases" otherwise i can’t see my new orders and buyers modification requests or anything. also i cant access " My sales page and Settings page,Manage Sales, Analytic, My gigs, Revenue pages. " please help me to solve this. :confused:

Thank you

is you’re browser up to date ?

Reply to @sheraf: Yes All of my browsers are up-to date, but I think it’s a problem with the site itself; everybody’s complaining about it

That’s exactly what has been happening to me. I’m not sure what the problem is and I’m concerned about meeting the order deadlines. I don’t think it would be fair for the sellers if the buyers cancel the order due to thinking that there is a delay on the seller’s side. I’m hoping that the Fiverr team come up with a solution soon.

did you try to clean you’re cache and stuff like that ?

if you don’t want to you can use iron browser, it’s just a portable exe so you don’t need to clean anything and you will know if it come from you’re cache