I can't see buyer requests after demoted


Hello… I am not able to see buyer requests after I had demoted from level 1 seller to level 0.
Is there any way to take off again…thanks in advance.


i think you should wait … may be it will be able.


Yeah… I think so… but how long should I wait? :frowning:


just wait 1.2 days and check your account regularly… but did you receive any kind of mail. like you don’t able for buyer requests?


No… I don’t receive such type of mails…


I just get promoted to Level 1 and my 3rd order after reachinh level 1 is disputed… now my order completion rate is 83% and I am not getting the buyer request with 0 offers. whenever I search it comes with 10-20 offers already sent… I don know weather I can be able to fix my profile before Aug 15 or I will ne demoted to no level. Give me some suggestion


My suggestion is to do your best to improve, but accept that it might not be in time for August evaluation. Perhaps you can restart your climb in September.

Every level 0 seller has struggles with Buyer Requests. Perhaps try to establish work with some regular clients who will keep buying while you await promotion. Good luck!


Thank you all…after I stay online for a 2 days… now I am able to see buyer requests.


You can keep checking the list from time to time and you may be lucky to find something to bid on.