I can't see Buyer Requests


I can’t see Buyer Requests

always so this please help me


How many gig you have?


I have only one gig and I’m new one for fiverr


Complete 7 Gig .And Gig Will Be Selected Right Catagoery And Gig Title And Tag .


hello sir my name is shaminda,I have just made my profile and the first gig… but there is no any buyers offers.what am I doing please help me


try to creat more gigs , n be regular on fiverr, buyer request will increase day by day, gradually, not rapidly, hpoe u got it!


Don’t put irrelevant skills in your skill section


Try To Create More Gigs And Be Active On Fiverr .And Wait See The Best Result. I Hope Buyer Reqest Show Day By Day …See You Soon
Best Of Luck


1.Create more Gigs and completed 7 gigs selected right category
2.Don’t put irrelevant skills in your skill section
3.Try to active minimum 20 hours/you can turn on Fiverr mobile app then buyers will always see you are online/active
4.Check buyers request sections (6 AM to 3 AM)


thank you sir I will try it


Really? You signed up for this site, without knowing anything about how it works?


Yes sir please tall me how to get orders


You have not shown me that you have any interest in being a responsible seller. Therefore, I cannot help you. You will have to read the forum to find out how to “get orders”.


thank you sir I will try it


if u are a first time and also u are not a level one saler than u will not get to much buyer request

try in 12.00pm to 2.00 pm this is the time when u will get a buyer request


how to became a level one sealer please tall me :grinning: