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I can't see delivered picture in portfolio

Hello, maybe someone can help me… I delivered 1 image to my buyer, the buyer rated me 5* and left the review, everything went normal. But the image didn’t appear in my gigs gallery. Is it possible to get the image in my gallery?


I think the buyer has the ability to preview the image on your gig or not,
Maybe he has not allowed to preview it on your gallery.


I will ask the buyer than, thank you for reply!

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Best not to contact the buyer about this. It is their choice whether or not to allow this and they have chosen not to allow it. You have to respect that.


When you deliver something if you need one design to appear in your gig , You should add it to Upload Work
In a format. But buyer can select whether to display that in your gig or not and i suggest you never ask buyer about this.

Dear, Hope you got your answer :slight_smile: