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I can't see fiverr pages completely



Guys you can clearly saw in these screen shots What’s the problem.

I have contacted customer support And did every thing they asked but the problem didn’t solve.I tried zooming out. Changing my pc resolution.I tried every browser and the problem is same for every browser .If someone have solved this problem please help me.


Go on home page you will be able to see all pages and categories


Home page is also not showing completely.


Same problem with me.


Have you got any solution?


No, but sometime it seems full.
I think it bug.


Sounds like issue with scrolling. From my end Home page & other page is normal. You may try clearing browser cache or disabling othe chrome plugins.


same problem here.also, I don’t have community, selling, buying options :joy:


It’s the behaviour of the “responsive” theme. You can see the “mobile” menu to the left: it disappears if the window is large enough.


I have tried but nothing happend…


Are you using a laptop? You can have other menus in left side menu.
If you are using a desktop. try to zoom out the page. so you can see other menus.


I am using a desktop. I tried to zoom out the screen shots i have provided are taken in zoom out .Nothing happens when I zoomed out.


Sorry to hear that. Try contacting CS. They will help you.


Already did.But I am not getting any help by them.


Is it the browser? Have you tried a different browser?


Its same for every browser.


same problem with me


The problem is your desktop screen cas smaller resolution.

My desktop is 1680x1050, and the website is completelly ok.