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I Can't See My Buyer Request?

I Have Got A Problem From My Account. My Account Doesn’t Show My Name Like Hi, MHHerock. But It Shows Me My User Name herock. I Am Totally Disappointed To See That Wink Problem. So I Need Some Suggestions From The Knowledgable Person And Now What Should I Do.

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Hello herock,
it’s great to see you in the community. For this this kind of wierd problem like yours i think contacting to fiverr support can be a good option, though they take a long time to reply and the answers isn’t always helpful but it can be one option. Interestingly i had a GIG related problem once than i made report in “contact support”, there were some “internal technical issues” with my GIG, they were kind enough to solve it(thogh it always doesn’t works). As it’s a technical issue you should make a report there and they’ll tell you the reason why it’s happening.


So How Can We Solve It Properly If Their Information Were Wrong Or Not Working ?

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If they’re unable to solve the issue than i think it’s a pretty big deal. because in fiverr users doesn’t have much customizing power even the username also. So if this problem is hampering you from getting more “buyer requests” or damaging your “GIGS” than i’m really afraid and sorry to say you may should think about opening a new account. But if it’s not creating these issues or it’s just a visual problem then you should just let it go…

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Sometimes Ago They Gave Me The Warning Because They Said I Used A Wrong Word And It’s Took A Side Against Of Fiverr Rules And Regulations. Thats Why They Try To Remove My Topic !!!

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If you set your username, that’s what it will show. It’s not really a big deal, your username isn’t even super unprofessional.
Also, you don’t have to capitalize the first letter of every word :stuck_out_tongue: It seems like a big hassle too!

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As i said it’s very cruel to its sellers, and it’s very hard to survive here but once you get the success, no one could able to stop you. Best of luck for your ROCKING freelancing career.

Thanks For Wish !!!
Hope It Will Be Ensure Very Soon And Also Yours !!!

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It’s called being courteous in writing! :joy::sweat_smile::smile:

Pleasure’s all mine…

Please pardon me !!! I am just a beginner thats why some mistake was happened. Hope it will be never happened again.


Nah, it’s fine! Just seemed like a lot of effort on your part :slight_smile: It’s not much of a mistake either, it’s just that typing like that might put some people off haha

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Ok thanks for your good opinion. That will show me the right way in future.


I am also facing this problem
My active buyers are not shown…

Don’t Worry It Will Be Solved Very Soon !!!
Sometimes Fiverr Behaves Very Weird !!!

I have been seeing my buyer request before but now I can’t find it again even on my dashboard. what will I do?

Hello Timothytestimom,
Don’t worry just go to your menubar and click selling option then click send quets option now you can see your buyer request.


You don’t have any gigs published. You can’t send an offer for a gig that doesn’t exist.

I have a gig that have 5 offers yet to be turned to order but I noticed the disappearing of “my selling” option since yesterday after clicking on “promote yourself” option. what is happening & what would I do

This is the message I received in my inbox:


Our automated spam filter, Akismet, has temporarily hidden your post in Search tag profile for review.

A staff member will review your post soon, and it should appear shortly.

We apologize for the inconvenience."

What would I do next?