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I can't see my Fraudulent Buyer's Gigs Who is a Seller Himself

Hello Everyone.
I have a gig in which I design gig images and help in the SEO of their titles and descriptions. After giving huge discounts, I accepted an order from a certain person. I was to do the work in 24 hours. Since I was free, and had nothing else to do, I managed to do the work within 4 hours. When I delivered my work, I assumed that he would be happy like all my previous clients but…he managed to becomes a pain in the neck.
“Very Late Work”
“Very poor quality work”
“Stop cheating, you didn’t send image”
“Everything on copy paste basis”
I did the work from scratch in one-sixth of the given time. The image was definitely attached. People have paid 5x to me for the same quality work, and have been very happy with it. Nothing was copy pasted. ( He gave no proof when I asked for it. He never stopped blabbering “I checked it manually”)
Finally he opened dispute to cancel the order after I failed to convince him to stop acting like a lunatic. I was happy to cancel the order because I would not like to work with him, and he wasn’t talking rationally. There was no way he would try to understand.
Story does not end here. I am pretty sure that he was there to steal my work for free. Next morning (today) I see that when I opened our conversation box, it says that he cannot be contacted. And when I open his profile, I can’t see the 7 gigs that he had made prior to our order. It says that he has no gigs to show. Has he blocked me? The account doesn’t looked banned, but when I see his profile through an incognito tab, not signed in, I still can’t see his gigs. How do I make sure that he doesn’t steal my work? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

Hello, I’m so sorry you had this happen to you. He may have his gigs paused. It does sound like he has blocked you.

Update: So now I tried it on my laptop. When I press his name in my chat box, I get redirected back to my seller homepage. What does this show (or mean)?

He may have done a chargeback on some other seller and had his account banned by fiverr. It sounds like he is no longer on fiverr. Or maybe another seller complained about him. Or I understand there is a limit to how many times a buyer can get a refund by cancelling an order, so you probably weren’t the only one he did that to.

Yeah, he did mention about another order with another seller. Maybe she got more infuriated and had his account banned, if he did the same thing with her.