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I can't see my gig impressions

I can’t see my gig impressions. Can I see my gig impressions differently?

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@wp_kid I am a little confused about why is the topic for them closed.

PIN on top doesn’t work obviously.

@mohammadiliyas9 Here you can find details about GIG analytics.

@marinapomorac the topic is closed…

That is what I am saying. He could leave it open and let them be. Let them talk. When that was on top we did not get this many new topics about it.
@mohammadiliyas9 You can select a different thumbnail for your videos, without watermark. This way it doesn’t look professional.

Discussion is going on circle, same thing just repeat & repeat, There isn’t anything new that can be add on the discussion, so we have closed the topic.

But it has negative impact, now we get new topics about it you have to close. At least that was reduced a little in last week.
Let them run in circles.

lol that will be no help :wink: I got help from couple of forum users & regulars, so closing repeat topic thing is easy.


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