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I can't see my gig in its category, but Fiverr support can

I noticed my “views and clicks” all recently turned red, and I could not really tell why. Checked my gig’s category only to find my gig missing. Out of curiosity, I changed its category, and voila! My gig appears in the new category. I returned it to its category, and it goes missing again.

Upon my discovery, I sent a message to support about the weird situation I found myself, only to be told my gig is visible at their end. I used another browser without logging in to check the category, and it is still the same problem. Now I’m confused. How do I track my progress? How do I get buyers to see my gig?

I have the same issue with one of my gigs (not showing up in its category). It’s searchable though, so I’m sure to put the category title in the tags.

Edit: Tracking still works with it, I just know in my head that all the stats are from searches.

This is because You would have cancelled any order or will be drop in your Gig due to order completion of On time delivery

Should warn you, identical gigs aren’t permitted by the ToS.

Edit: If you want to offer that $10 for 1000 words, maybe make it a FAQ in the first gig. ‘Will you do a smaller, custom order?’

Editedit: Also, unlimited revisions is very risky for being abused.


Thanks for the heads up. I only created the other gig to see if the previous gig was the problem, but same problem. I’ll close the other gig asap!

imagination7413 is right, better get rid of your duplicate gig, not that Fiverr gets rid of one of those 2 for you and chooses the one with the reviews.

If the gig you say you can’t find in search is one of those 2 which are duplicates, I did find the one without reviews on page 15 when searching for “ebook ghostwriter” with “new seller filter”, so it’s searchable, and you can’t really complain if they only show 1 of those 2 gigs, as it’s literally the same thing save for the numbers of words.

Different number of words isn’t supposed to be done via different gigs (you can use the 3 gig tiers for that, or extras); else, sellers could, and some would, literally clutter up the result pages “for more exposure” (I know, it’s a “tip/trick” you can sometimes read, but it’s by people whose tips you shouldn’t trust because you jeopardize your account by following them) by publishing the same gig for 7 or 21 or however many gigs their level allows them, with the only difference being number of words.

Also, yes, don’t offer “unlimited revisions”, you can check the forum to see why that’s not a good idea at all.

Before you contact support again in case your gig keeps missing, I’d advise to get rid of that duplicate gig first, give things a while to update, and then search again to see if it might not show up then.

Another thing you can take into consideration - some sellers claim that if you have several gigs in the same category, only one gets shown (though I personally can’t confirm that, don’t check on my gigs often, though, either), or at least just one of them on a good spot, so it might be worth a try to see if you can find different subcategories for your different gigs.


I created the second gig today, and I was never going to keep it. I only created it to see if I could reproduce the same problem bedeviling my primary gig, and I did. I have deleted it already. Thanks!

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Good, would be too bad to lose the gig with the great reviews! :slight_smile:

Did you edit your primary gig before it went missing? If so - when you edit gigs, they usually are dropped from search for a while, as Fiverr checks them to see if the edits were okay, and you might have to clear cache and cookies of your browser to be able to see them again. Perhaps also do that after you deleted that “test gig”, before you check again for your primary gig.

Same Problems, I’m confused. How do I track my progress? Help me, someone