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I can't see my gig in search although it is live on my profile page

I posted my new gig 13 days ago.

gig is live on my profile page and I’m getting orders from previous clients.

But when i make search on fiverr then i can’t see my gig there.

In my account it is also showing 0 active.

Can anyone help?

Hmm… that’s weird. Have you tried contacting support?

Reply to @princemaxx: I did not talk to them as few days ago they deleted my gig with 700 plus reviews saying that I’m offering similar services I was wonder.

Now I afraid to talk to them. what you suggest me?

I’m getting orders from my clients ( old clients)

I think you should contact them as we cannot even search for your username on Fiverr search.

You can see my gigs through my username but for you

nothing comes up

Reply to @princemaxx: Thanks I made contact and my gig are in search now.

Thank you very much.


Their search engine isn’t the best.

I am having the same problem! :frowning: where can I go to contact them about it?

Reply to @kingfunster:

Facing same problem! I am unable to find the solution.