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I can't see my gig on search page anymore

One of my gig, which is getting daily orders and amazing reviews from the clients did not appear on the search page when I typed a keyword related to my gig (to check on which page does my gig appear). Is this problem serious? Has it ever happened to you? I’ve also contacted Customer Support so that they can check my issue.


I am facing same problem

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can you find it if you search its title on search bar?

i’ll try long time set 1st page my gig but i always failed . now, what i do please suggest me ??

ok, as far as I understand your gig is not on 1st page anymore. But you didn’t answer my question. can you find your gig if you type the title of it in search bar?

no. i am not see my gig post any page.

Try filters or best selling options…if not successful …contact support.

Yes, then I can find it but I must explain this:
2 of my gigs are related to video editing and both of them have different titles. (One says: I’ll convert boring videos to interesting ones and Other says: I’ll edit your clips like netflix videos). I’m not able to find the first one when I type video editing in search bar (It used to appear before but now it doesn’t) but I can find the second gig. I should also tell you that my first gig is doing much better than 2nd one, my previous clients are sending me orders regularly

No, I’m trying to say that it is not appearing in the search AT ALL when I type the keyword: video editor/video editing :frowning_face:
Its not the gig’s placement on first page that I’m worried about

I’ve told them but I guess they didn’t understand my problem, their response included instructions telling me that gig’s placement is based upon gig’s performance.

i am also facing the sme problem…dont know wwhy