I can't see my gig


hi i can’t see my new gig? can someone help me to resolve the issue?


Why?? Just it’s simple. You can see gigs in your profile.


I TALK ABOUT THE OTHER SIDE, on the search banner


That you are expecting. It fully depends on fiverr algorithm.


Hi everyone,

Please kindly help me, I’ve been writing gig title several times. But I haven’t got it right, it keeps on showing that my title contains illegal characters. So how can I resolve this issue?




Don’t write any illegal characters In your title like ( - _ / ‘’ % $ & # * < > ] ™ )

And It will be good.


Yes, I don’t. But it still gives me an error.


Send me a screen shot please, I’ll take a look on It


Oh yes it’s a full stop that’s the reason.

Thank you very much.


Yes any illegal characters, You’re welcome!