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I can't see new client msg and even the design of message page is messed up... plz look!

Does this happen on all inbox pages or just with this one in particular?

Usually if you don’t see anything but received a message still, the message was flagged for manual review and it can take up to 24 hours to appear if it was incorrectly flagged.

If the buttons are greyed out, then usually refreshing the page works. If not, might also want to try a different browser.


thx adsensewizard for the replay,

this is happens on this particular page of client, and still it is, no issues of browser catch btw i am web developer :slight_smile:

@adsensewizard is right. As you must know, some sites are optimized for use on a specific browser. If you weren’t part of the Fiverr development team, you can’t be aware of everything that went into their choices. Good luck!

Not true , I have the same problem on 3 different browser. This is bad UI design.

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