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I can't see the buyer review


Hi…Buyer said that he was already reviewed the order. But i cannot see the buyer’s review option in the order page.Is it a bug?Please help and i am apologize if this is not under the correct topic.

Thanks in advance


This is not a bug. Your buyer’s review will remain hidden until you provide a review for him.


yeah.i have experience on that.but seller sent me the review and he told me that he gave me a review and he can submit it again in the next day. Is it a bug?please tell me and thank you for the reply.


yes it happened to me too
I left review for the buyer but their review appeared after 5 hours. I think this is some kind of but. don’t worry it will be shown. If it still doesn’t show after a day then you contact CS


I didn’t see that option yet and buyer gave me the review before two days ago