I can't seem to be a ble to withdraw my earnings


It’s not like I have a lot, but I have been able to withdraw $4 the first time around. And now, it doesn’t work.

I’m trying to withdraw to Paypal.

I really don’t know how to set up the card - i already have one.

Anyone experiences this recently?


Does Paypal have a card already or are you referring to Payoneer?
Maybe you tried withdrawing twice on the same day, which isn’t allowed. Try withdrawing the next day. :slight_smile:


I connected a paypal account to my fiverr account. the first time i withdrew, it worked seamlessly, and it’s been months ago, perhaps last year even.
I tried to withdraw again a couple of weeks back and again yesterday, both times i was unsuccessful: the button took me to the front page of the site.

I own a payoneer card, but i have yet to connect it to fiverr, i’m not sure how to really do this as it sounds complicated. I’m scared to mess things up. -_- Although, i would prefer doing this.


Reply to @theratypist: i was supposed to reply to you, oops. see below,please.