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I can't seem to get any good buyers

Hey guys, just wanted to share something. All the buyers that have approached me, have been really bad buyers. Either wanting something I don’t offer, or trying to get tons of work done for 5 dollars. There was one buyer that I offered a 25 dollar custom offer, he said he only had 15 dollars in his balance, then suddenly remembered he had exactly 2 more for VAT. Out of desperation of getting my first order, I accepted. Maybe that was a mistake but at least I got a five star review.

Anyway, I think my gig is attracting bad buyers, and I want to fix that.
This is my gig:

I would love to hear any tips.

Insert Good Quality Cover image as well as few samples of your work … it will help in the beginning

Thank you for the reply. I will add sample work right away. About the cover image, my graphic designing skills are basically nonexistent. Do you think I should hire someone on Fiverr or try some cover image creation websites?

Yes it is always worth investing on good things so it will give you good returns in future

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Higher the price = better the clients

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Raising your prices, even just a little bit, helps. :+1:

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