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I can't seem to get what I want here

I have an artist website with images for sale.

I’ve been trying to find people on fiverr to do 2 things.

  1. Look at my images and come up with relevant keywords for each image.
  2. Write copy or rewrite my copy for the description section for each image.

    In case 1) no one seems to understand that I want them to look at the images and come up with keywords that describe the image. Everyone asks me to supply them with keywords and they’ll give me “research” on them. I had to cancel one person, who I thought understood me, who just took the keyword “kitchen” which I already had and sent me totally irrelevant phrases such as “kitchen flooring” and “white kitchen cabinets” for this image of tomatoes.

    As for request 2), I keep seeing people offering to write 100 words of website content for $5 and they never follow through or they try to get me to spend more for more words, which are unnecessary for my purposes.

    Any suggestions?

Sorry to hear about your trouble!

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