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I can't seem withdraw a tip a buyer gave to me, why?

Ok, so I’m new to fiverr, I completed my first gig two weeks ago and I’ve been waiting for the funds to clear. I noticed the buyer gave me a $15 tip which was super generous and I really appreciated it and it also made me feel really good about the gig I did.

In my earnings the total amount with the tips is $76 without the tip is $61 but it’s only letting me withdraw the $61 and not the tip at all. It says he buyer left me a tip but how come I can’t access it all? I’m just really confused by this. Has anyone else experienced this?


It’s exactly 14 days from when money is released to you - and, if memory serves, the tip can be left after the official order acceptance. So maybe they accepted your order on Monday, but didn’t tip you until Wednesday - in which case the tip wouldn’t be accessible until 14 days from Wednesday, not the Monday the order was accepted on. A little convoluted, I know :slight_smile:

Best way to check when they tipped you is to search your email inbox - you should have gotten an email from Fiverr notifying you about the tip. Do the 14 day math from that point to see when it should be accessible money.