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I can't sell a single gig... Could you please give me an advice?

I tried to build a contact between me and the potential buyer, but it doesn’t really help. Could you please look at my Gigs and tell me what could be wrong?

Thank you very much.

There is a fine post in this forum in the Tips For Sellers section about how to optimize your gigs. Read this post from start to finish.

My recessional 2 cents would be:

Study what your successful competitors are doing and then do it (in your special way). Wash, rinse,and repeat.

There is a mixed message being sent about your location due to the emphasis on heavy Russian gig themes. Nothing wrong with Russia. Some buyers,however, want to be clear about where a seller is located before they purchase a gig. Are you really an American citizen or are you a Russian citizen visiting America? The bear profile picture does not help with your transparency issue, either.

You need to figure out your market and then target your gigs to that market. How many people do you think would be interested in the translation of Russian text, globally, especially when there is Google Translate (which is free) and high tech language translation devices and mobile apps on the market?

If you are trying to sell website traffic, you should make yourself an example of someone benefiting from increased traffic. If you are not able to demonstrate that you can do for yourself what you are asking others to pay you to do for them, you are not going to be very convincing.

Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer and ask yourself if you would want the services that you are charging others for… Pinging can be done --for free-- by anyone for themselves. In fact, too much pinging is a bad thing. If you are going to offer a pinging gig, take a look at sellers on fiverr who are doing this successfully; exactly how are they selling that ‘fur sink’? Take note and tweak your gig.

If all else fails, find a bear suit and a tutu and create a gig offering to shake your money maker and sing happy birthday or anything anyone wants for five dollars and you are sure to be a TRS overnight.


I think pearlsant offered some good advice. When I started my gig seven months ago, I barely received any views, and it seemed like I would never see a single customer. I edited my gig a few times to make it stand out and showcase more of my personality. I checked out what other people were doing and what made them great sellers, and I pondered what I could do to make my gig better. It took a full month before I had my first customer. I was so excited, but I was also nervous. I didn’t want to make a bad impression on my first customer, so I stayed up all night working on their document. When I finally finished it the next day, I took the time to look over it again. That afternoon, I delivered the finished product. The customer was happy with the work, and I got my first positive review. Even now, I’m doing things with my gigs to try and get more customers. It looks like all of your gigs are only three days old. My first bit of advice to you is: be patient. You will get more views to your gigs, and someone is bound to be interested in your services. My second bit of advice is:be a perfectionist. Tweak your gigs, and summarize them in a way that will draw in potential customers. Continue to work on your gig descriptions until they reflect who you are and what you do.My third bit of advice is: be genuine. When you genuinely care about the product you deliver, people will be drawn to what you have to offer. In your cheesy joke gig, for example, tell your potential buyers why you want to do this gig. If you like being corny and making people laugh, include that in your gig description. It shows a part of who you are as a person, and that helps customers connect with you. I’m sorry it’s a bit long winded, but I hope my advice helps you in the future. I wish you much success on Fiverr.

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You have some good points also. :wink:


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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