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I can't sell any gig until now! is it normal?

hello there evry one! i’ve been on fiverr since february and until now i can’t seem to sell anything as if my gigs are not showing! i tried changing the search tags still no use! only sold one gig in two months!!


It’s normal only if you aren’t trying to improve your gig.

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Demand for gigs is way down, even for established sellers that have been here for years. I suggest you find other ways to make money, if you’re able. Thanks to corona, there aren’t many jobs left.

Me too. I haven’t got any job. Been here since february. :frowning:

How exactly? I tried to change the search tags but still can’t get anything :confused:

You need to improve your gig totally not only tags. By doing A/B testing you will understand what works good with you.