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I can't sell anything

please help me i can’t sell 1 thing even though i tried hard. can you tell me what i’m doing wrong. here my fiverr gig



Please, use good title and description for your gig. Send 10 buyer requests everyday. Try to be active on Fiverr then more buyers will find you online. Share your gigs to social media to reach your potential buyer.



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You have three gigs promising to edit videos, and one gig with this title:

“I will your youtube video I gaming I vlog reaction”

What do you mean? You will do what?

If you’re so Germany, why does your profile say that your German is basic? Your German should be native.

If you do color correction, you shouldn’t spell it as “clour correction.”

Lastly, I think you need to improve your English, or at least write in German, then have Google translate it to English, then check it with an English-speaking friend.

Search keywords on Fiverr and see what people are selling, find out what your abilities are.

Good luck


I write with (I) because you can’t make / on fiverr

I can and have made it on Fiverr. This month (December) has been my worst month in the entire year, and yet I made $200.

Last month I made $800. When I was a Top Rated Seller, I was making somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000, with lower prices than what I charge now.

My point is that Fiverr isn’t impossible but you have to try new things, you can’t just sell what everyone else is selling, and have clone gigs.

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You have to wait with patient hope it will pay off