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I can't sell anything :(

I can’t sell anything can you tell me why (my fiverr gig I know its really little money but I need buyer

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Your descriptions make your gig very hard to understand. Also " If I don’t get the amount I want, I won’t work for you anymore.", comes off as really rude if you’re trying to attract buyers. When they order your gig, fiverr takes 20% from them and from you. So if they order for $5 and you receive $4 because of fiverr, you won’t work with them?

Your PRI pack has mostly the copied description from your STI pack.

Being “your personal online cutter” absolutely makes no sense to me? Do you mean, you make montages? I.e, the cutting of certain clips (or make clippings) from videos and making it into a compilation?


Your description reads more like a threat than a proposal.

Rework your description, include everything you offer … and stop threatening to down tools!

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“Cutter” is a person who self-harms by cutting themselves. I’m afraid, a lot of troubles with your sales stem from that misunderstanding alone.

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ok i will edit the description and then i will send it to you if it is ok for you

Suggest you read this first before making any changes suggested in previous replies:

As the words “personal cutter” (which make no sense) are in your gig URL, which cannot be changed, suggest you delete this gig and create a new one.


how can I fix it? pls tell me how

I don’t know a proper term for the service you provide. “Video editor”, perhaps. Definitely not a “cutter”, though.

Maybe someone else can make a suggestion or you can research online.

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delet my gig :cry: :((((((((((((((((((((((((

That is the only way if you want any chance of getting sales.

Let’s “cut” to the chase.

No point in crying. Be a Doer! :slightly_smiling_face:


what are good tags for my new gig :grinning:

Have a look at other gigs in your category, (video editing) or whatever it is you want to do, for ideas, but do not copy anyone.


ok :grin: im ready to do a new gig.can I write to you when it is finished

Don’t write to me. Make your new gig and then come back on the forum so that we can all comment on it.

That’s how the forum works. :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks for you help :grin:

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last question what could be the name of my gig

i have no idea really

Maybe try crafting a few ideas and sharing those with us here on the forum? We won’t do your work for you, but we will give feedback on work you do.

I will
Idea 1) a gig title
Idea 2) title for a gig
Idea 3) gig title idea

Hm, so do you think this will work?