I can't send buyer request again what is wrong i have 5 star review from 3 people what is going on on fiverr


please any to help me out


You must have done the fiverr Rule violation… that’s why you can’t send buyer request now :smile:


no i didn’t a buyer rated me with 1.7 and after that i got more orders which they rated me with 5 stars so i don’t see any sensible reason why i was unable to send the request


Are you seller or buyer? If you’re a seller then Posting request in buyer request sections - That’s by default violation! :wink:


i am a seller i didnt post request in the buyer section because i am aware that violates fiverrs rule


Whats your positive rating.
If it’s below 90%, you will not be able to send buyer requests


i dont know my positive rating how do i calculate that


Your review rate needs to be above a certain threshold, according to some forum threads it´s 90%, so with your 1* review, you might be below that. Yes, it´s very unfortunate that a single bad review can keep you from replying to BRs, yes, Fiverr should put that requirement on their info page about sending offers to Buyer Requests, but we can´t do anything about that here on the forum, you can try putting it in Site Suggestions or tell Customer Support.


Goto your profile page and you will see that there


Select your profile image and then click on your username


i saw 4.2 there so what does it that mean


What’s your positive rating there?


i have 5 star rating from three people and just one negative review


i dont know how to check my positive rating


You’ll see it on your dashboard or in the analytics section.


yes i have checked it it is 4.2


Your percentage is 4.2 x 20 = 84% so you can’t use buyer requests I’m afraid, as it’s below the 90% threshold.


waooh so what is the way out


Get more 5 star rating then rating % will increase after you’ll be able to send request


Screenshot-2017-11-15 Fiverr rainny_writer To-dos

Look at the top left-hand corner of your dashboard.