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I can't Send Buyer request ,,


How can I send Buyer request ?
When I click Selling>Buyer request then I see no request found.

What can I do now?


You can try submitting a ticket to Customer Support and asking them for help, but before you do that, I suggest you write your own gig descriptions instead of stealing from @fiverdesignz (or anyone else, for that matter; stealing and/or plagiarizing is wrong).

#3 must have 90% Positive Review
2.Most of New seller will see this sometimes. even i am also


you must have 90% positive review. If you have then go to support


Plus if @fiverdesignz reports you your gig or possibly your account could be in danger of being canceled. It would be best to change the wording to your own fast!


Thank you So much .

For your information .


You need to get some orders for more buyer request.