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I can't send custom offers for some reason

I’m Gioolio, ive been using Fiverr as a customer and a provider for quite some time and I’ve run into a problem I never had before. I don’t know if it’s a “bug” or maybe Fiverr changed something on the site, I don’t know…

Recently someone wrote to me asking for a service and tried to sent him a custom offer trying to fit a bit more his needs and for some reason when I click “Submit Offer” it just closes the custom offer window and doesn’t show the usual “Here’s your custom offer” message.

As i said i’m sot sure if it’s some sort of “bug” or maybe fiver did something to my account or the site itself. I never got any strike or notification that I did something wrong so I don’t think its because of me.

I’m not sure if anyone at Fiverr will see this but any help would be very appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Sounds like a bug. You need to contact customer service.

We’re just fellow sellers. We can’t look into your account or do anything for you.