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I can't send custom offers from FIVERR

I can’t suddenly send custom offers from Fiber. I do not understand what caused it.

The following message shows:point_down:

Your message is being reviewed by our Trust and Safety team since it is suspected to be spam. Instead of sending the same message to multiple Sellers - post a public request. Note: messaging to advertise your services is not allowed.


Are you sending custom offers in Buyers Request to fulfill a job? Alternatively, are you advertising your gigs in Buyer Requests?

Are you sending a copy and paste message to several sellers?

If you are advertising your services in Buyers Requests and if the Trust and Safety team is looking into this; then you will get a warning and could lose your account! :scream_cat:

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I know I’ve never done anything like that. But I had my phone in my pocket, and forgot to take the pressure, and left two messages to Bayer, the message goes like this: a @aa the other aaa.

Then Fiverr will sort it out and you should be ok. :wink:

How long can they take?

Usually, 24 to 48 hour.

What caused the problem? Buyer request or custom offer?

Fiverr don’t support “@” symbol in massage. Unfortunately, this number typed by pressure in your pocket. But, fiverr don’t understand your situation.

So, you typed @ in massage and fiverr take your account in manual review under trust and safety team. Fiverr trust and safety team will get action on it. After checked you can able to use all fiverr feature again or, fiverr give you a warning for this reason.