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I Can't Send Messages to Regular Clients or Buyer's Request

I believe I was hacked yesterday and now I am unable to send my Regular Messages is there anyone else having this problem?

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Hacked is not the right term in this case.

what is the right term in this case?

It sounds like your messages were blocked for some reason. Contact Customer Support to check it out.
This can often happen for seemingly innocuous reasons like sending messages to people who have bought from you. This is in fact not allowed if they have not requested it and if one of them flags it as spam then you can be blocked.

Thank you Eon. I have written to Customer Support and I will await a response.

Hi Eon is there anyway you can assist me with this problem because I actually have a new Client to Fiverr who wants me to prepare his Transcript and I am having great challenges communicating with him. I have responded to his offer but cannot type my response properly. He is new to Fiverr and I want him to have a very good experience using Fiverr, please help.

Sorry, I can only assist with forum issues. For anything to do with orders etc you need to go through Customer support.

I have reported it twice to Customer Support but no response.

It takes time and you shouldn’t contact them more than once.

Ok, I will await their response. Thank you.

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Someone must have probably reported one of your messages/responses using the “Report” button option present on the top right corner of every message on the main platform.