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I can't send my details to my business cards' designer

So, I just realized that Fiverr deletes all messages sent to the seller with an email address inside. But I need to send thaat information for my cards to be designed!

Super long emails have been deleted three times now. Not cool.

Why didn’t you just send the information in Fiverr messages (preferably in the order)? They have the same features as email overall. Sure, there are some character limits but you can send attachments with images and plenty of text. You just have to read the Terms of Service when you start out which is really wise no matter what site you are on.

Fiverr is super clear about not allowing email addresses, Skype, contact info in general and so on. They have a good reason for it as well. If people use Fiverr to get ad space and make arrangements but then go outside Fiverr for discussion/payment, Fiverr gets nothing and will crater as a business.

All the sites that are for this kind of freelance or mini-jobs require some sort of commission, fee, etc. It’s best to make a habit of reading the rules on any site you are on where you’ll be paying for work. The seller can lose too and an order is delayed due to breaking of the Terms.

(Excuse me for talking back to an admin, no disrespect here)

I think the OP is ordering one of those “I will design a Business Card for $5” gigs, and he wants his email on the business card.

The information that he is trying to communicate IS his email address. He is not planning on using it to contact the seller (I assume?) he just wants it placed on the business card he is getting designed.

The OP is frustrated, because he typed out all his information (for the seller to put on the business card) and that included an email, so Fiverr deleted all of his information (the information the seller needed to finish the gig)

Am I missing anything?

Support the questions, and Bolharr’s clarification.

Sooooo…what is the solution?
Don’t use Fiverr for ANYTHING that you would like to display your email address?
Or is there some workaround internal to Fiver?

Glad Fiver is superclear (as in, “if you spend money and you want something created with your email address on it , IT WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO GIVE THAT INFO TO THE DESIGNER AND YOU WILL THEREFORE BE MAKING A CHARITABLE DONATION TO FIVER AND YOUR CHOSEN DESIGNER”, like, that super clear?)
but more interested in a workaround.
Anyone have suggestions?
Text document attached to a message? Will that work?
I tried a screenshot of my signature, including my email address, but no response from designer so far…

A graphic designer from Fivver asked me for my business card details. Do you think I should send them my email/phone and other info?

If you want them included on your business card then yes. A business card isn’t much use if it doesn’t have your contact info on it.

So long as it’s done through the order page there’s no ‘outside Fiverr’ risk to either you or the seller.