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I can't send offers to buyers requests

My account had been low rated and I couldn’t send buyers requests but now I automatically fixed and I get 5.0 rating. But I can’t offers yet. Why is that?
Thank you

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Your overall rating is 4.4 or 88% - you need to be at 4.5 or 90% or above to be able to see buyer requests.


In my dashboard it shows as 5.0

Is that for the last 60 days?

For BR it’s based on your overall feedback score which is 4.4, as seen on your public profile.

Yeah. I think some times it may be a problem of app

No - it’s definitely your overall feedback score - it has to be 4.5 or above - yours is 4.4.

Sorry to dig out such an old thread but this explains it:

My Rating is 4.5 but I can’t send any buyer request. Please tell me about this reason. Thanks

My rating is 4.9 I can’t send buyer request I cant create offer template

i’m new to fiverr and i also can’t submit to buyer requests … does anyone know why?