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I cant send the Messages and cant reply to other people messages



My account messages have been blocked for some reason.i cant send messages to anyone nor reply to any messages…Please Admin check this issue.

Thank You



It could be a bug - happened to me for about a month and a half - plus I could not even order any gigs on fiverr - CS said it was my computer. I could access it from someone else’s computer but I live in the country so that was difficult. Then all of a sudden a couple days ago BAM everything is working fine again. Go figure.


Thanks for the follow-up @nauman143 and I’m glad your problem got fixed.


I ran into this same problem a few times and I contacted Customer Support. It was just the system as too many of my messages were the same, so if you are messaging someone with the same message too many times the system will stop you from messaging as it will see it as spam. It is only temporary so you will be able to message again soon, just be patient and try to keep you’re message different when you are relying to someone.


From what I understand if you don’t get a warn, and you just can’t send messages it’s because you’ve sent someone a message (Probably promoting your gig) and the person reported you for spamming. Eventually you’ll get the message feature back, or contact CS as everyone says.


That issue got fixed…thnx a lot guys… :slight_smile:


hi nauman how are you . how did you resloved i am facing the same issue right now i am so worried please let me know as soon as possible . i have already contacted fiverr team


I’m facing the same problem :frowning:


Thanks a lot. that was the first legitimate answer I’ve gotten so far