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I can't sent any buyer request ... for bad feedback

The buyer gave me bad feedback and bad review… that’s why I can’t send buyer requests for the last 2 months. I have a question that, how much take time is recovering automatically.


i think it has to do with your overall rating, so you’d have to complete more orders with good ratings until your overall rating reaches a curtain point

i would like to make an unrelated but important suggestion. it looks like you don’t deliver all of your files until the order is complete, and then you send them via inbox. this will get you banned faster then you can say cripple creek

first of all, you are not supposed to send incomplete deliveries. show your progress as jpegs and they will be watermarked. then when the buyer is happy with the design, send all of the files

furthermore should a customer be unhappy with the files you send them via inbox, they will have no recourse but to reach out to CS, telling them what has happened and you will be sent to bed with no pudding

good luck


You’ve had three buyers. Two rated you 5 stars. One rated you 2.3 stars.

In fairness to the buyer who gave you 2.3 stars, they appear to have left a very honest and friendly review - it’s not bad overall. They describe you as a “great person” and they “thank you” for your work. However, they also say they “could not get him to understand” and it was time “to move on”.

In fairness to you though, you do appear very honest with your profile stating that you have “conversational” English. We see far too many people lie about their level of English - you’re being truthful!

I think you just have to accept that on this occasion, things didn’t work out because of communication difficulty. Maybe the buyer couldn’t phrase things correctly in order to help you? Who knows.

What you can do though is learn from this. Maybe instead of relying solely on your English skills in future, why not also copy and paste buyer messages into Google Translate or other translation services? While, it’s best not to rely on these too much, they will at least help you to clarify what the buyer is asking of you.


thanks a lot for giving me a good suggestion. that was my 2nd order, as a new freelancer I have not enough knowledge At that time. I had delivered that file due to the short time.