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I can't sent buyer request

I can’t sent buyer request for only 2.9 negative request for me only 1? so what to do now??? plz help me


only the customer service can answer that but you should have been more care for negative review.

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Can you please elaborate/explain this statement?

i have one order but he give me a 2.9 rating for me. so i can’t sent a buyer request now .

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As per fiverr policy, a user having average rating below 75% (most probably) can’t apply for Buyer Request.
So considering your first experience to be a very unfortunate one, I would suggest master up your skills and then may be apply for a new account by deleting this one completely as fiverr TOS only allow a single user account.


this account now not for good using now?

No. If your positive rating is below 90% you cannot sent BR.


so what to do now?
plz tell me