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I can't set price on gigs

I’m on pricing and every time I click on the price box nothing happens. It won’t let me continue or go backwards to the set up gig step either. What do I do? Like every time I click on the pricing box it gets dark, then lights back up when I let go of the mouse button.

I tried refreshing too

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I can’t change deadline either

I see you have one gig set up with a 2 day delivery time. You should be able to do the same on another gig. Now, the base price of your gig probably has to be $5 at this point. Many categories don’t allow for a change of base price yet and some new sellers may not have access to base gig price changes. Higher base gig pricing is new and still in a gradual roll-out phase. If you cannot set your delivery time the way you did on your first gig, though, my best suggestion is to submit a ticket to Customer Support with screenshots of and a clear description. The might need to have technical support check into it if it is a glitch and not user error.

I just set up and I am not able to change anything . I know it says that I have set times and that’s fine. But when ever I try to save and continue it won’t let me go any further and just keeps me on that page. I would like to progress and move on but it won’t let me

It says that my delivery time can’t be blank but it won’t let me add anything too it

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Maybe you forgot to fill in a field that is mandatory. Try using a different browser. If that doesn’t work contact customer support, it’s probably a bug. Good luck!

I have the exact same problem.


I cant do this either, I have created 2 gigs (duplicates) I cannot put anything into the price field which means I cannot activate my gig. This is rubbish :frowning:

I have the exact same problem! I can’t click on price or delivery time, but it keeps bouncing me back as if I’ve forgotten to fill them in. So irritating!

full waste of my time same problem for over two weeks

Im stuck on the pricing page too:( I filled out all mandatory fields but it won’t let me continue on

I am having the same problem. I’m going to try a different browser and see if that works.

I have the same problem. I’m not sure why it is doing that

Any solutions to this?

I to have the pricing problem. I can’t price the gig or delivery time.

Same problem here. Using Windows 8.1

Ok guys … Here is the solution. Posting new gigs does not work on Internet Explorer. Switch to Google Crome and the problem is solved.

am trying to set up my gigs title and description but it is not responding.