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I can't set up my gig

I’m at the pricing stage. I’ve filled out everything I need to but it’s not letting me move to the next step. What do I do?

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what error you are facing? can you send me here?


I have set prices and filled out every information required but it won’t let me go to the next stage. And it’s not saying why.

I should be saying thanks… Thank you for replying… What do you think could be the problem

Can you share screenshot of the page? So you can get more appropriate reply.

please send me screenshot here

I can’t save and continue

I can’t save and continue even though I’ve filled everything I’m supposed to

May be you are missing something in Extras.

yes i think missing something in Extras please follow below tip

please use different prices on each section with different titles and days and do not use same description
and titles on all packeges section. example you deliver work in basic section 1 day and on extras your are using same thing 1 day fast delivery in$5 then you got an error about same titles you are using etc so all need to be different and each time try with refresh your page. not use save button again and again on same page. each time use refresh button and add your details one bye one and click on save button and number 2 option click on extras check mark box one time and then click again and uncheck box then click on save button i hope that is work.

Lemme review it again… Thanks for your help… I actually think I’m following everything OR am I supposed to check All the boxes in Extra even if I’m not sure I can provide the additional services?

Yes you can provide additional service if problem is same then you need to contact with fiverr support.

Please check out the pros and cons carefully. Fiverr is waiting to let you move to the later stages!

I don’t understand you at all… What pros and cons? I want to move to later stages that’s why I’m asking for help. So far, I don’t seem to be making much progress