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I cant signup for Fiverr Pro

I was interested in applying for Fiverr pro but once I try to sign in I am unable to log in to the survey money thing.

I signed in using Google but I get the error shown in the image
I tried using email but it said my username and password were incorrect so I tried resetting and entered my email but never got the email (I use Gmail and checked the junk folder, promotions, and updates tabs).

thanks for the help in advance :slight_smile: !

That’s odd.

To be clear, are you saying that you were logged in to your Fiverr account at the time?
I applied a few weeks ago and didn’t have this problem.

Well I get to the page and it says just what Fiverr pro is and in the top corner it says log in.
I try both my Fiverr password and survey monkey password but it doesn’t work. Because this doesn’t work I try signing in with Google. Then I get the screenshot above