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I cant speak English properly


Hi Friends and foes.

I hope you all are doing great . I can Understand English Properly, But I cant express, myself in English . Sometimes, I dont understand What Clients Wants. Sometimes clients dont understand, what I mean .

Are you facing this types of problem like me. Who are not native in English .

So What is your suggestion

Thanks :ribbon:


Find friends who speaks English well and always try and have conversation with them in English.


I am alone, I dont have any friends. And in my surroundings no one able to speak English .


Take some of your fiver earnings and sign up for an English language class. There’s many many tutors in Bangladesh offering for a low price.

You have to understand.

Nije uddek na nile keo help korbe na.
Transliteration for the rest:
If you don’t help yourself, no one will help you.


I agree with @djgodknows. If you want to be able to provide the best possible experience for your clients you need to take classes. Learn by watching videos and movies or what about reading a book? The more you read and watch the more you will be able to learn.

Best of luck with everything ;).


Hi @dijatul, havent seen you on here in a while!
Below is a post I wrote a year ago which was aimed at non-native English speakers. It has some tips to help. Please note: It is meant as a friendly and helpful post, not criticism! Some comments thought I was being nasty in what I said but I really wasn’t.

As @djgodknows says above, try to see if you could get an English class locally to you or even an online one. It will be an investment which will pay off in the future.


Another idea: Get involved in some other forums and real-time chat rooms where people discuss in English about business, your niche, related hobbies, etc. Stay involved and when you get to know others, ask people to correct you or tell you if they don’t understand you. It’s free and you can make acquaintances online.


Maybe try to read books, watch movies with subtitles or get involved more in forums and chat with people.

My native language is not English as well as you ,I had that kind of problem in the past, but believe me it will disappear before you notice.


I just wanted to say that it is impressive that you are reaching out for help in this. As someone who has a hard time learning new languages, you have my sympathy for this problem.

I wish you the very best of luck and know you will succeed on fiverr. You have what it takes.


You are still better then me ,


Read all the Harry Potter books. If you don’t understand something, look it up in a dictionary.

Additional go to Papa Teach me on Youtube:


You have a hard time learning languages because you think of yourself as someone who has a hard time learning languages. It all boils down to the fact that any language is just making certain noises at the very basic.
Learning languages can be very tiresome though. Literally.


You might need to take classes. A friend of mine learned English from classes, comic books, and TV (he had a satellite on the ceiling growing up).

You can use google translators for now, of course, if your client makes a spelling mistake, google won’t be able to translate that. The best thing you can do is ask your clients to give you simple instructions. I don’t know why some clients insist on writing too much.

In the meantime, don’t start working until you understand the job. If the client doesn’t answer in a reasonable amount of time, you might have to send him a request to extend the deadline or refund the order.


It’s not too late to start anything. As I can see you have a good command of English even now. What you have to do is just to improve it only. I hope you received some good advises from our friends on how to improve your English.

So I’ll give you a Tip, on how to communicate with clients.
If you feel that you don’t understand what your client says, be honest let him/her know that You really like to help him/her but didn’t understand what he said. Use these words:

“I really like to help you but I’m sorry I didn’t understand what you said. Could you explain please?”

He will definitely explain so you get a 2nd chance. With the time you will be more familiar with the language.

Remember language is not a barrier to become a successful person. I’m sure you will overcome this obstacle over the time and be a STAR on fiverr. :slight_smile:


You should make a habbit of reading any english newspaper or anything having English in it. For verbal skills you should watch more English videos or movies and try to understand them. It will be hard at first but you will get along.
Try talking to yourself in English infron of the mirror


I do not speak native English too, so you’re not alone.
Keep reading more English website, watch more movies with Subtitle On.
Nobody can stop you from improving your English except yourself.

Of course I do not speak perfect English, I only use those easy to understand words.
As long as buyer understand, that’s fine.


You are from Hong Kong and you do not speak perfect English!!?? :scream:


Don’t worry you are not alone, there are a lot of not native english person here including my self.
I improve my english by buying books, go on tutor on youtube & having social media friends.


In fiverr There are so many rules. So we must maintain .

Sometimes, I dont know how to behave it. Like I dont understand , which one is bullying, which one is harassing .

Really complicated, That I dont understand Englishman Thoughts. And Sometimes, My expression is bad, But i never intended to .

But I can express.

All of your advice’s are very helpful


Read books, magazines, comics… Especially books for children, they will be easier to understand, and you will easily learn new words.

You can also try joining some forums for writers (or just one forum, pick the one that’s mostly for beginners), start writing your own stories (don’t offer that as a service here, though!), openly tell everyone that you’re not a native speaker but would love to learn better, and ask for help.