I can't STAND scammers


I really can’t! I won’t even bother explaining this specific situation because the title alone is something I’m sure many will empathize with.

But the customer is always right, right?

The customer is always right, right?


Glad to have gotten that off my chest. Have a great day, everyone.


Hopefully it is a very small percentage of your clients. But I know what you are feeling. And from what I’ve found, throwing your keyboard at the wall doesn’t help.


Even my very extensive patience is tried to the limit now and then. I never blow up or even come close, but if I find myself starting to feel agitated I try to end the relationship smoothly. I know it takes a lot to get me agitated by a buyer, so if it happens it’s time to end it.




Grr, I don’t believe this at all. So, no again. :sweat_smile:

I understand tho. :face_with_head_bandage:


But I use a laptop :frowning:


For me, 99.9% of all my buyers are absolutely wonderful. I just wanted to make that perfectly clear. I am constantly delighted by them.


I find it is certain types of buyers that cause my frustration the most, like the ones who don’t bother to spend more than 5-7 seconds communicating with me or try to use terms of endearment to get heavily discounted/free work. We all have bad days with buyers for sure.


And the same holds true for me. Still, that 0.1% sure do try their hardest to make your day a little less brighter.

By now I know the warning signs of a buyer who had no intention of paying - that starts mentioning cancellation from the very first ‘request for modification’ with the vaguest of feedback that says a whole lot of nothing even though apparently it’s all wrong.

“It’s just not good. I think you should cancel.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t make a delivery you were happy with. Could you give me the opportunity to try and solve these issues? Could you let me know where I fell short?”

"It’s just not good. I wanted (thing I never paid for) and (thing I never asked for) and you didn’t follow (these instructions I never provided).

Seller reviews of buyers should really be given more prominence, especially the responses to negative feedback shown on our profiles. I’m at a place where the bad reviews won’t affect me too much (knock on wood), but I’m sure there are new sellers out there with only one or two reviews being held hostage by the fact their rating could potentially drop to 50/66% - that or their completion rate takes a hit, which isn’t great either. Yes, there are sellers who aren’t what they claim to be and deliver poor quality service, but these scammers aren’t making them any easier to discern.

I love Fiverr and the opportunity it’s given me, and like most great opportunities, there are sure to be a couple of vultures looking to pick at any vulnerabilities in the system. I know there’s no clear-cut solution, and life isn’t fair, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be hella annoying.


I agree wholeheartedly.

I also think that the buyer’s feedback AND the seller’s response to it – should be visible on our main profile pages – like it use to be.

As it stands, the types of buyers you’re referring to can basically pollute your main profile page, and at least temporarily – interfere with both your sales, and your ratings… I don’t think most buyers would bother searching the gigs to find out exactly which one it was, and what the seller’s response to the feedback was.

I notice that if someone leaves some negative feedback - I am suspect and questioned/doubted for the first few orders following it.

Kinda stands out like a sore thumb for a day or two, until good reviews from awesome buyers drown it out.