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I can't take a test

Has anyone else taken a skill test lately.
I just about to start one when opened in another instance of google and automatically failed me for navigating away from the test.
I first thought it was my error, so tried again on a different subject only for the same to happen again.
And another time.
This is really annoying because I cannot retry for 24 hours and if it happens then I can’t try again for a few months.
Any moderators out there who can look into this please.

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Don’t worry about the test too much. If it’s not one thing it’s something else all together that people are having problems with in regards to he test. Best to wait it out. If it occurs again drop a line by customer support.

The tests include super amazing technology which prevents users from opening new web browser tabs or windows. This way, no one will ever be able to cheat and search for answers online. EVER.


If I succeed in this test, will I get more orders or something? What’s the actual purpose of this


The tests say they’re a protected test or something. If doing the tests, do them without opening another browser window while you do them, otherwise they may think you could be trying to cheat the test even when you’re not.

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It might only help if the skills for the particular gig are confirmed by the test, eg. passed/passed with a high score or if the test results might help with the gig or communicating in messaging eg. the language skills tests. Not all gig categories have skill tests designed for them.

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I didn’t do anything just sat and waited until I saw another tab of chrome appear on my toolbar!!!

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You said you opened another instance of google. If you can take the test without opening or switching to any other tabs and without clicking on anything in another app you should be able to complete the test (with a compatible browser, and assuming you don’t get an internet connection error while doing it).

ie. stay on the test screen/tab throughout the test and don’t open anything or click on anything else while running the test and you should be able to complete it.

edit: if it’s automatically switching to another tab then failing you, I don’t know what you need to do to fix that (unless it’s some browser setting like “open links in a new tab” or something.

That’s the whole point the test appear in another tab in my toolbar. I didn’t open another tab the test did.
I’ll try again another day and just rely on my skills as a brilliant individual to get me work, instead of yet another qualification that gathers dust :grin:

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You could also try a different browser for the test if it continues to give a problem on the browser you use.

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Yeah I’ll try that, cheers mate.

Unless you have a handy dandy mobile device under your vest.:laughing:


Unfortunately, this is not true. There is always a simple hack for every technology

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I think he might have been joking in the message.


That’s by design. So that no one can “cheat” on tests with internet help.


I wouldn’t boast about cheating if I were you. All you’ll do is aid the mek-sellers and possibly get yourself reported. :frowning:


Suppose you pass the test with 100% expression then you got job the this inspiration and even you already don’t know about this test then who you will complete the Job successfully, Just Lack of passion. you need to express your talent there by self not from anyone help.

Once someone start the test, It should be opened new tab If you want to try go from another tab I will be automatically completed and go to computer I will show you warning once you also exceed the warning the should be automatically completed and get the score which you did correct answers.

Cheer you!

That was clearly supposed to be a joke. Looks like I messed up.

I know. But with staff on the thread, you have to watch your back!

Next thing you know, you’ll be being interrogated by Micha, before being given a lethal injection of no sales!

I think I’m just gonna stay off the forums for a while. Better safe than sorry, right.