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I can't take it anymore. I swear, the "buyers" on here are so stupid

Look, I’ve been on here for a year or so selling, and I’ve been more than patient with all of my clients, even the absolutely terrible. Very few of them have been stellar, unfortunately. I have lost my patience. I don’t get paid nearly enough to deal with this much idiocy on a regular basis.

I can’t believe how unbelievable stupid the so-called ‘buyers’ are on freelance websites. Let’s put aside the fact that the pay is already dirt due to competition with ext countries. Next, these “buyers” never, EVER read my gig that I took time to clarify. Instead they make me spend my time re-explaining it all to them through message, only to find out they are considering multiple artists, and will get back to me. Then some actually have the cajones to try and get me to do free “sample work” so that they can be sure of who they’re hiring, even though I link them to my ample portfolio of past client illustrations. After finally coaxing them into buying from me, I then have to PRY – read: PRYY the information out of them. They NEVER give me information. I’m not sure what Fiverr is telling buyers in signup, but I personally don’t have a crystal ball on my desk. After asking for the info, maybe they get back to me a day later, and if so, its STILL not the info I asked for. So I ask again, and again, and again, and again…

How can people be this stupid? How can there be so many stupid people in one place? Why are they so stupid? How do they manage to get through a normal day without help from someone who actually has a working brain? Should these people be allowed to have a license to operate a motor vehicle? Should these stupid people be allowed on our roads endangering our children?

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A lot of misunderstandings happen due to buyers not reading what I send them.

You are right. Personally, I feel like some of the buyers I work with should be immediately reported to some relevant authority which could expeditiously eject them into outer space. This way they could never harm anyone or procreate.

Sadly, you just have to dig in your heels and try and try and find a way to get your gig message across better. In fact, I would go so far as to say that in your case your gig descriptions could do with a little TLC. You have lots of character/word space left. Use it. This is the Internet and that promotional space is your self-promotional real estate. Use it a little more wisely and then come back and complain when you encounter new kinds of problems.

Most don’t bother to read the descriptions.

I know but the description he does have is a bit confusing. Also, his sales seem to be a bit sporadic. In this case, with a bit work on his description he might be able to reach more people, get more sales and counter his crappy buyers with much better ones.

I had a week from hell last week dealing with this sorry sack of shit buttfaces. It seems that lately more and more are coming here and good sellers are suffering from people who probably don’t even know how to boil an egg.

Cy had good advice, so I’d do that if I were you. Otherwise, get familiar with attrition and balancing multiple arseholes at the same time. In short: play the game, even when the other side is cheating. The referee is your friend.

Out of curiosity, how is my properly formatted description confusing?

You ought to see some of the horridly sparse, spelling error ridden descriptions of some of the top illustration gigs on the front page. Have you seen those? Are those the sterling examples that I ought be following?

Further, as misscrystal has already said, most don’t bother reading anything. You’re lucky if they read your extras/packages. Where are you getting that descriptions pull buyers in? If anything, portfolios and videos do 90% of the attraction. Who actually wants to read anymore?

Note, my other gig is (unused) filler that I use to open the cartoons category. My working gig is the character design (link provided above).

Plenty of people read. Good buyers read.

Bad buyers don’t, and will twist everything with incompetence. Interestingly enough, you focus defensively on “proper formatting” rather than the content.

Put some baps on your cover, that’ll do the trick.

I feel your pain bud, on my gigs I’ve pretty much stated at least twice to send me messages first before ordering gigs or I won’t do them, yet I still have clowns ordering the gigs and then sending me messages afterwards, it’s forehead slapping doh material all the time! For the life of me I just don’t understand how these ppl remember to breathe to exist, it boggles the mind that there’s people so stupid that exist, really does! :slight_smile:

I can’t tell if you’ve actually read through my description or not. Where exactly is it lacking content? The top sellers I mentioned before also had bad content, so I’m not sure where you’re going with what you wrote.

So far, no one has proven that description does anything… Or that anyone actually, you know, reads it.

Nah, buyers never follow instructions. They seem to believe they are above them. Again, sellers don’t have crystal balls on hand. Not sure what’s expected of us. I’ve tried everything to get them to be clear about the illustration they want done. Just like the subreddit explainlikeim5, but they… Just can’t, or won’t. I’m not sure what’s wrong with these people - like mentally.

A lot of them CAN’T read. I mean they never learned how except for a few words here and there or they don’t speak English. Or reading anything is just something they don’t like to do.

But they sure can come back and ask questions that you’ve already explained that they didn’t read.

Not all buyers are lobotomized, I have quite a few repeat customers that are excellent and actually read my descriptions, they make it worth it in the end for me but there are obviously a lot that failed the transition from child to adult and can’t/won’t read! :stuck_out_tongue:

That is true misscyrstal, a lot of buyers native speaking language isn’t English and I don’t have a problem with them and always try to take more time to help them, I’m talking about the buyers who’s first language obviously is English and either don’t or choose not to read our gig descriptions, they’re the ones that are infuriating to deal with!

What I meant by saying that your description is a little confusing is that on a first glance I wouldn’t really know what I should order.

" You get everything you need to get your character fully designed and ready for commercial use in your business! It will be in high quality resolution (defined by you) for printing on your product packaging, or anywhere else!"

This makes it sound like everything you offer for $10 is the same as what you offer for $30. I personally would break it down a little. Tell people why you’re brilliant, what you do and how for best results people should choose your $30 package so that they can benefit from commercial rights etc.

Also, people do read descriptions. If they didn’t no seller on Fiverr would stand out from the next. I really don’t want to argue, though. Do whatever you feel is best.

You know why these buyers ask so many questions?
It is because so many sellers have copy/pasted descriptions from elsewhere. Most guides to buying on Fiverr suggest contacting the buyer first, checking communication ability, knowledge of what they offer etc. This can be very annoying from good sellers point of view but from a buyers point of view, it is a good approach.
Everything pre-sale you have mentioned can be put down to the general advice given on other sites about buying on Fiverr.
In terms of not submitting the info on time etc, some buyers are not in a hurry, they want to talk and discuss the project etc. Again, very annoying if you just want to get this order done asap but from the buyers point of view, this may be the most important thing in their life right now and they want it to be right.
When I was a showroom salesman (high value bathrooms, tiles etc) I could basically predict what the customer would end up buying (or if they wouldn’t) from our huge range, within about 10 minutes. Dealing with the customer could take anything from an hour to several visits of several hours. Their project was their main focus for that week, they were not going to just “leave it to me”, they wanted to be involved.

A word of advice for dealing with buyers who message you first etc, give them a custom offer and add a day or two extra to the delivery time. If you suspect they will be difficult to get info from etc, send them a custom offer which lays out exactly what you are going to do for them. A priced proposal always focuses the mind and they will either accept it or ask you to change it. This keeps the conversation on the task in hand and also lays out exactly what you are to do.

Some sellers are also as dumb as some buyers, especially the cheats who just heard about Fiverr from a rabbit.

I currently ordered a gig from a white animation maker or something for my Fiverr gig and after I explained and explained, he was still asking dumb questions. If he had asked me before I paid, I would have sent him packing.

Yes, some buyers are simply douchebags, but some sellers are worse.

I agree. Some sellers are clueless about what they sell.

You might want to add a graphic to your listing that shows one drawing in each stage of standard, premium and pro. That would give a perfect example of how the categories differ, as well as provide another sample of your drawing style.

Probably 1/3 of my buyers don’t read my business policies, even though I specifically tell them to do so at the time they place their order. This irritates me a little bit because it tends to create problems I have to fix later.