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I Can't Un-pause My Gig Due to Tax Question That Doesn't Exists

Hi, Fiverr community,

I had my Gig paused about less than a week ago because I was busy. Currently, I have work to do for a client but I can’t unpause the gig because it requires answering a “mandatory tax question”. Whenever I click the link to answer the question it says “The Form W-9 verification process is not available yet. We’ll notify you when this option will be available.”

I have searched here on the forum and it appears that this issue occurred to many people but all of them mention that they can somehow unpause their gigs, I can’t. I have tried unpausing it from my profile page and from my gigs page but it didn’t work.

I have tried contacting Fiverr support but I couldn’t find an email, and the support site automatically directs me to instructions on how to unpause my gig which I already know and tried but didn’t work. I couldn’t find any way to contact them other than this automated and unfortunately useless site.

I am currently stuck and I have work to deliver for the client, has anyone had this issue and if so what did you do about it?

I have finally found a solution.

If you can’t access the form, just create a new gig and the form will be present in the last step of creation. You can then fill the form and it will no longer be required to unpause the gig.

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