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I can't understand the inner world of buyers :/

I’ve delivered the work. Buyer was surprised, he said “Wow, great work! Thank you! It looks really awesome!”
Then he left 4 starts review. I really can’t understand why, I can confidently say that the job was done perfectly. It is 2nd time I faced such case. He didn’t even request for a revision, the only thing he asked, to separate files, I did it within 10 minutes and sent back.

Here is another theater that took place 2 days ago. Someone contacted me for the project. He asked if I am able to do it.

I said “Sorry, I am not able to work” but then I replied “I am able to work, but I can work only after 1 week. Sorry”

Then he replied “You don’t know my time frame before you reject, you’re a rich person I can see. Smile”

I asked him why he talks with me in bad way

He said " I thought you’ll ask me when I need it but you don’t ask me that"

  • I think it doesn’t matter, I said him than I can work, but after 1 week, he could say “not a problem, I will wait”, or “i need it now”

Then he asked me what do I need to start to work, but I didn’t want to work with him after all what happened, I don’t trust such buyers.

So I said “Sorry, no. I hope you can find someone to work. Best of luck!”

and the fun began

He replied : “OK no problem, but remember you are a seller, Control your anger, Even your temper”

I never talk with buyers with anger, never. If I see that they are provoking me, I just say “I hope you can find someone to work on this project. Best of luck!”

Am I the only one who meets such “peaceful” buyers?


No you are not. They are everywhere

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Hello, @anaraliyev! You’re not the only one, many sellers face the same issue (me as well). Just to briefly share one my worst experiences, was receiving a 3.7 review by a buyer who was 100% satisfied and even wanted to work with me again.

But here are my comments…

A 4 Star review is not bad. We cannot expect 5 star reviews from every order and we cannot force the buyer to do so. It certainly did not affect your stats, so you don’t have to worry about it. I’ve read other seller’s experiences in which they delivered the job, the buyer was happy, but left 1 star review! Sometimes they would say it was a mistake. So yes, consider yourself still lucky! 4 star review is a good and positive review.

About the second episode… the buyer was certainly demanding and had some sort of an attitude, but I think you should have asked him his requested delivery time before telling him you were not able to work. In fact, your first reply was

and only later added

So the buyer might have misunderstood what you said and took it as you declining his request without having all complete information from him.

That’s it! But no, you’re not the only one who meets such buyers, there are many of them.


A lot of buyers don’t know english well.
Others have no idea what they want.


In my point of view buyer sometimes could not express their need. Also they aren’t bother about ratings. Anyway keep it up brother… All the best


Many times this happens

Agree with you

even though whatever happened, he gave you a good piece of advise too

so which advice exactly? )) He is the second who talked with me in that way out of 300 people who contacted me. Problem not in me, I don’t know, may be he didn’t understand me, but it is still his problem. He “bit” me just for nothing.

There are many kind of buyers. Someone did a great post here describing every buyer-tipo

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Then he left 4 starts review.

I’m new to fiverr and very fast had my first order - I replyed fast and detailed, communication was easy and fast, too.
Also I delivered fast - then buyer wasn’t online 48 hours.
he didnt reply and said anything - also didn’t want a revision.

When I saw the buyer reviewed with 4 stars for communication I was really disappointed also asking myself what was the issue - because the order very pretty simple.

I guess this will happen a lot and also I think it’s a bit frustrating.

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I think we forget that in text messages there is no tone, no body language, nothing.

Just words.

Sometimes that causes problems.

As for a 4-Star review…seriously?

The Buyer didn’t have to leave a review at all.

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It’s not really fitting this question but the topic name is right, there is anyone other that seeing that buyer requests of the buyer that searching animator is starting the requests with a couple of pointless words

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I used to send an offer 1-2 times, then I gave up on it. Buyer requests seems to me to be the waste of time.
Lol, 2nd request from top,budget is 30$ but firstly needs test work haha