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I can't understand the search sorting!

look here:


1st place: 99% gig rating - 766 positive - 8 negative - 134 collected

2nd place: 100% gig rating - 1300 positive - 3 negative - 157 collected

WHY is my gig (the second one) is in the 2nd place!?! What am I missing???




It’s all about algorithms and makes absolutely no sense to any of us. Anyone who ever figures out how fiverr works like this will get the prize for the day

Yup, the search results make absolutely no sense…

and that’s how I lose my most sales… #@!$#!!!

Were you number 1 before? How sharp was the decline?

I was number 1 for 2-3 months… more than 30 orders every day, and rising.

If the seller know how is the search sorting, Fiverr will get more black seo :))

and I thought that “rating” means RATING. :-S

Reply to @avniy11: his gig is 1 month. Your gig is 6 month :wink: so the number of positive reviews per month is :

He : 766 / 1

You : 1300/ 6

I think it as one of the factors in ranking in search result :wink:

Reply to @tn5rr2012:

tn5rr2012 said: It's all about algorithms and makes absolutely no sense to any of us.

Ashley, kidnap Kevin and ask him. LOL

Reply to @goodworker123: Good work, Nancy Drew (A quote from Jerry Seinfeld)

If you do this query (the keyword “xmas” sorted by ratings) :

…you will see that 2nd, 5th, 8th place have nothing to do with xmas or christmas. go figure :-B

hotwebideas said: Ashley, kidnap Kevin and ask him. LOL
To learn all the secrets and leak them to all the sellers!!!! LOL

Reply to @goodworker123: Nice :slight_smile:

Could be popularity. Perhaps they don’t want the top sellers always getting the buyers, leaving the others to suffer. Later in the week, we can try the link again to see if anything in switched around. Who knows the secret to Fiverr’s magic!


1.Activity of the gig


3.Feedbacks gathered in less time than your competitor

3.People who collected your gig


5.Amount of cancelled orders

Reply to @goodworker123: Exactly. We would all like to know the algo, but the key to the site is that it seems relatively hard to game the algo. Otherwise unscrupulous people would focus on beating the algo rather than providing good gigs and service

I had more than 100 sales in less than 20 days… because I promoted my gig a lot ,not to mention that my gig had over 2000 views in just 20 days since I started it and even now I can’t even find my gig when I sort them by ‘rating’ in the logo design category :slight_smile:

Good job fiverr

Doesnt seem to make sense to me either… I search photoshop, and it comes up with logos?