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I can't understand the search sorting!

I dont think ive ever seen my gig offer on the search :frowning:

@thefacebookgeek, if you look at the gig description, you’ll find “xmas” in the text. So the search engine also parses the descriptive text?

Reply to @shawnecannon: I never found mine either :frowning:

I also find mine behind gigs with 80% rating :slight_smile: cool right ?

I think they need to put "Recent activity’ in the Sort by: thing.

So when I click Rating,I expect top rated to be on top,and zero rated on bottom.

I was on the first page in illustration category for about 2 months,with over 200 sold and 100 positive reviews.There were guys on top of my gig,with more reviews and I was competing with them,now I can’t compete anymore because my gig is not even on 20th page and I see guys with 2-3 reviews on top pages.

I still had few orders in the last days,coming from buyers that I collaborated with and they probably found me in their inbox history,and that’s all.I don’t see how I will be able to sell in the future if the clients that are looking for a style like mine will not be able to see me,so I guess I will just wait a while and if nothing happends I will pause all my gigs and find an alternative way,I am here mostly for experience,secondly the money,because when I am contacted directly I charge even 10 times more but fiverr is definatelly a chalenge to improve skills and I used to like that when I received lots of orders.

Fiverr search is not working now. You can check auto and there you will see still same gigs . When i asked support they told me that they are manually moderated . Of coruse this is not true beacuse you cant moderate every keyword which is put into search.

Search is not working now its full of bug people with 95% rating are in top for two weeks…

Ive never been able to find my gigs in the search…


It’s all about algorithms and makes absolutely no sense to any of us. Anyone who ever figures out how fiverr works like this will get the prize for the day

Yup, the search results make absolutely no sense…

and that’s how I lose my most sales… #@!$#!!!

Were you number 1 before? How sharp was the decline?

I was number 1 for 2-3 months… more than 30 orders every day, and rising.

If the seller know how is the search sorting, Fiverr will get more black seo :))

and I thought that “rating” means RATING. :-S

Reply to @avniy11: his gig is 1 month. Your gig is 6 month :wink: so the number of positive reviews per month is :

He : 766 / 1

You : 1300/ 6

I think it as one of the factors in ranking in search result :wink:

Reply to @tn5rr2012:

tn5rr2012 said: It's all about algorithms and makes absolutely no sense to any of us.

Ashley, kidnap Kevin and ask him. LOL

Reply to @goodworker123: Good work, Nancy Drew (A quote from Jerry Seinfeld)

If you do this query (the keyword “xmas” sorted by ratings) :

…you will see that 2nd, 5th, 8th place have nothing to do with xmas or christmas. go figure :-B

hotwebideas said: Ashley, kidnap Kevin and ask him. LOL
To learn all the secrets and leak them to all the sellers!!!! LOL