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I can't understand this

Please help me, I can not understand this. What will I do


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Take the test and pass it.


You need to have high score in English test to post that gig. Take the test if you think you can get high marks.Good luck!

What do I have to do now??? Please give me better suggestion.

I can’t take the test now? Where do I take the test?

Maybe you have recently taken the test. You can retake the test after 24 hours and up to two times in a 3-month period.

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It is explained here:


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Click on that “Retake Test” button, I guess?


No retake man. I am try to

If you can’t take or pass the English skills test, then you shouldn’t be offering services that require a mastery of the English language. The same would be true of skills in any other language that you do not communicate in fluently.


Then you’ll have to wait until the test is available to you again.

And, perhaps, offer something else. Something that doesn’t require to pass that test.

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you have to pass this test. then you will publish your gig.

I can’t feel sorry for someone who wants to sell something that requires a proficiency he doesn’t have. It’s highly unethical and irrational.

Your English is very poor. Why would someone hire you to do work you’re obviously not qualified to do? And why would someone hire someone who can’t communicate properly?

Instead of moaning here about Fiverr not allowing you to sell something you’re not proficient in, why not improve your English?