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I cant understand why my gig has been removed

Hi, the first gig that I made on fiverr is removed yesterday and fiverr team emailed me that i have provided academic writing services but the point is that i did not do any such thing, not even used the words like academics, assignment or homework etc. then why did this happen. Plz suggest your opinion


What services did you provide under that gig?

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Content writing and the gig was to write research articles

The word “research” is what triggered the removal. Contact CS, explain what your articles are and that they have no connection to academic work.


Please contact fiverr customer support and inform them that you didn’t write any academic work for your buyers. Fiverr support will investigate it and offer you a resolution.

Maybe you create a copied gigs. so Fiverr remove your gigs automatic.

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It was not copied from anywhere for sure

Or you have broken the rules you need to follow to create a gig