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I can't upload images or files on fiverr?

Helo =)

I don’t know why i can’t upload or delivery anything Today !

Clear your browser cache and trying upload the files again.

Yes i cleared the browser cache but without any result

I cannot respond to messages, and the forum took a few minutes to load.

Perhaps Fiverr is pushing another update to the new dashboard.

Keep trying – hopefully it’s just a tech glitch and things will be back to normal. If it persists then reach out to CS.

Have a great day!

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Thank you for reply :slight_smile:
Can i deliver the work using a google drive link in the delivery without uploading any image or file ?
just the link in the message of delivery

clean browser cache and update the browser. :slight_smile: Hope the problem will be fixed.

I changed the browser and no result :frowning: