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I can't upload images to create a gig!


Someone please help me! I can’t find anyway of contacting anyone that works on this website and no matter what i do i can’t upload pictures to create a gig, they are the correct dimensions and file size but it won’t work :frowning:

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.


Another tip I discovered is this: if you create “new” images in your photo program, then apply your photo onto this background (for example, in a photo collage), you can’t allow any “white” areas, or blank background, to be showing. If there are any, no matter what size the image is, it won’t be uploaded by Fiverr.


Celtic moon’s tip is correct. The main issue is WHY does Fiverr allow this to happen ?

Another ridiculous and stupid setting by Fiverr, just to cause frustration and annoyance to the customer.

markfive said: WHY does Fiverr allow this to happen ?
I think it may be a result of these images being viewed manually by a reviewer.If there is a lot of white space around the main content, the reviewer can't tell where the picture begins and ends. If that's the case, there are obvious solutions available to the reviewer. One can also add a border to the picture. That usually works.