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I can't upload my Gig

Hi everyone!
I already wrote to the support some days earlier. But I feel it may last too long and I wanna know did anyone have the same bug?
I can’t upload or edit my Gigs. Some settings are unavailable, just empty, there no way to set them. I’m talking about the cost settings, duration, and some others. I meet the same bugs (when a website is uncomfortable or services are unavailable) at DBH. I’m in Russia and in this case, VPN solved my problems. But not now, on Fiverr. I made a guess, the reason is to upload files at the right time. The reason day after day it was the same time window. But I’m not sure.
You know, there is a crisis. In my country it feels strongly, and any possibility to earn money is very valuable now.

If you’re not using Chrome you could try that. If you get something like that try reloading the page (ctrl F5) and check all necessary cookies/scripts etc. are allowed.

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You can change your Browser again login on your account. then try to do it.

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Thanks! I’m using Firefox, and firstly it worked good. I’ll try this


same thing happen to me clear your cookies and cache try again. use opera or chrome browser

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Change your browser …