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I can't upload my work!

Anyone else having a problem with this today? I click on the “upload work” button and nothing happens - hope this gets sorted soon! :confused:

Me too! this is nuts!!! FIX IT FIVERR!!!

Had the same problem last night. Yesterday someone said he clicked “F5” and it worked for him . I closed my window and tried again, and it worked for me as well.

Working OK now. So thanks Fiverr.

I can’t today!

Fine at my end, clean your browser cache, that might be the culprit! :slight_smile:

You can always use dropbox if the notorious fiverr uploader isn’t working.

You could try login on a different browser. The dropbox idea is a good one as well. If you’re a writer, you can copy and paste what you wrote.

Drop Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, can’t really go wrong with the big 3! :slight_smile: