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I can't upload video on my Gigs why?

Hi , Dear all respectable fiverr community group member. .

Recently i have to face big problem that is " I can’t upload video on my Gigs "
when am uploading video than that going still upload, after 5-10 minutes that show me error . .
be trying many times but not solved this problem . .
be applying more different method of served this problem .
1 . Trying to upload different browser
2 . Trying to upload different internet connection like Modem , broadband and VPN
3 . And also change many video formats like MP4 , AVI , MKV , WEB ,
4 . And also trying making new gig and trying to upload video

so please this community any member can give me any solution to this problem so please to suggest me Thank You

Robin Hosain


I am facing here with the same issue.
Fiverr support?

This is too old post, you may look on some latest post (if there any)

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